K &J Santa Cruz Wedding

Hey Everyone!!!

I went to the wedding of a dear friend at the end of July in Santa Cruz where i did the bridesmaids makeup! It was such an honor for me to participate and be asked to help because it was for the very talented, Kristina Laney (now Smith)!!! She is an amazing hairdresser and EVO educator who i admire greatly. Not only do I admire her in a business aspect, but as a human she is the most generous, sweet, strong, and amazing person I know. It is an honor for me to be her friend but also her peer in the industry.

Kristina and Justin have helped me through some gnarly points in my life relationally within the last year and had to listen to me complain, and cry. I say that both of them helped me because Justin and Kristina are each others rocks. Kristina has the knack to put people at ease and make them feel beautiful. There were moments when I didn't want to do my makeup and would wear my hair in buns all the time because i didn't feel pretty. I felt so broken down and I wasn't my usual perky self. Kristina would always sit me down and wave my hair to make me feel better and never complained about staying a little longer so we could have a pow wow. I am so excited for the future that Justin and Kristina will share because i know that they are cut out for each other and are the two most amazing people I know. 

Hope you enjoy the little peek into the wedding and behind the scenes from my little road trip!

Lots of Love!